Master Chang's Martial Arts

(919) 232-9494

Master Chang’s Tiger Den Martial Arts and Ballet has a job opening as below

1) Employment Location: 9600 Strickland Road, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC 27615

2) Offered Position: Taekwondo Instructor

3) Minimum Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Taekwondo or Physical Education in

associate with 6 months of experience as Taekwondo Instructor

4) Working condition: Full time (wage: $17,080 / Year)

5) Job Duties:

Instruct individuals or groups in Taekwondo rules, strategies, and performance principles such

as specific way of moving body, hands and feet in order to achieve desired results;

Demonstrate fine forms of Taekwondo to the students; Evaluate student’s strength and

weakness of and improve student’s forms and techniques; Select students for the Taekwondo

competition and coach the team; Keep records of students’ performance and attendance.

6) Contact Method:

E-mail Cover letter and Resume to

Attn: Do H. Chang

7) Selection process: Review the received resume first, and will arrange interview schedules

with the qualified candidates. More than one interview may be arranged before the final